Pokémon Go Reveals New Today View Feature

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New feature in the works.
New feature in the works. Niantic

Pokémon GO announced that it’s going to introduce a new feature to the game. Titled as Today View, this allows Trainers to see all the active ongoing events and their corresponding bonuses. This also lets Trainers see their daily streaks. It’s going to be in the same area as the Special Research and Field Research Tabs.

This new feature is divided into different sections. The first is Events, which can be seen on the topmost section. This one shows players all the events that are currently live in the game. In the case of multiple overlapping events, separate cards are shown which display each one. However, the Pokémon Go team over at Niantic said that when this feature is officially launched, the events won’t be visible initially.

The next section is a great help to Trainers as it is about Pokémon in Gyms. That’s right, players can now keep track of all the Pokémon they have in Gyms. Trainers get to see different information like how much motivation their Pokémon has left or how long the Pokémon have been defending the Gyms. They can even see the amount of PokéCoins earned by defending Gyms as well as which Pokémon already made a return.

There’s also Streaks which track your Daily PokéStop Spins along with the Daily Pokémon Catch Streak. Finally there is the Upcoming section. Trainers simply need to go to the bottom of the page and then tap it to learn more about what's coming next.

While the Pokémon Go team did say the Today View feature was going to be added, no specific date was given.

Pokémon Go recently launched its Go Battle League which lets Trainers battle against other Trainers no matter where they are in the world. In answer to the threat posed by the Coronavirus, Pokémon Go revealed that it was looking into adding new features to allow for better indoor play. You can read more about that here.

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