Pokémon Go Gen 3: Halloween Event Load Screen Hints At Update

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There's a lot you can do during the 'Pokemon Go' Halloween Event
There's a lot you can do during the 'Pokemon Go' Halloween Event Pokemon Company/Niantic

The latest Pokémon Go update has some interesting details regarding what trainers should expect from the upcoming Halloween event, including the possibility of introducing Gen 3 to the masses.

According to a recent datamine of the latest Pokémon Go update, the new Halloween load screen shows off some new Pokémon from Gen 3, including the Dusclops family, Banette family and Sableye.

Check out the image found in the Pokémon Go coding below.

The supposed load screen for the Pokemon Go Halloween 2017 event.
The supposed load screen for the Pokemon Go Halloween 2017 event. Niantic

All the new Pokémon in that load screen are Ghost-type, which makes sense considering they will be introduced for Halloween. However, bear in mind that neither Niantic or The Pokémon Company have officially confirmed the event..

As for the rest of Gen 3 coming to Pokémon Go, the code for the new Pokémon were already found in a past data mine.

That information comes from user dronpes, who searched through lines of code for the 0.71.0 version of Pokémon Go. According to dronpes, there are 135 new species of Pokémon referenced in the APK metadata. All 135 of the new species are Gen 3 Pokémon, and all fall into one of 73 new candy ‘families.’

A full list of the Pokémon found in the data mine can be read here.

It’s unclear whether only the aforementioned Ghost types of Gen 3 will be added before the rest of the Hoenn Region Pokémon, but it wouldn’t be the first time Niantic did something like this.

Before Niantic introduced Gen 2, Baby Pokémon like Pichu, Cleffa and Igglybuff came to the game first. This could be Niantic’s way to ease trainers into the new Pokémon and give trainers a shot to catch ‘em all before over 100 new Pokémon are added later.

When we learn more about the Halloween event, we will update the story.

Are you excited for the upcoming Halloween event for Pokémon Go ? What Pokémon do you hope get added? Let us know in the comments section below.

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