Pokémon Go Weather Update: Everything You Need To Know

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Water types will have a field day in the new weather update for Pokemon Go Niantic

The Gen 3 update is coming to Pokémon Go and while more than 50 new Pokémon are a big introduction to the mobile game, the implementation of weather will change how trainers catch and do battle.

After the new update rolls out, trainers will see the overworld reflect the real world around them. If it’s raining, the overworld in Pokémon Go will be raining. The same goes for sun, clouds, wind and snow.


The dynamic weather feature in Pokémon Go will map out the overworld to reflect the weather  in real-time. However, Niantic told Player.One  the weather will likely be updated once an hour to avoid instances where the weather changes in the middle of a battle.

Weather effects a variety of different things, including how often a certain type or types of Pokémon appear in the overworld. For example, if it’s raining in Pokémon Go trainers should expect more Water, Electric and Bug-type Pokémon. That doesn’t mean regions without snow won’t see any Ice-type Pokémon, it’ll just be at a reduced rate.

Pokémon caught during a weather effect will also be inherently stronger. Their CP will be larger and they grow at a larger rate than other Pokémon.

Trainers will also receive more Stardust for catching these weather Pokémon.

In battles, Pokémon of the corresponding type will receive a bonus to their attack strength. This changes how trainers’ strategize for Gym Battles (both attacking and defending) and in Raid Battles.


So what are the types of weather found in Pokémon Go? Niantic confirmed seven different weather effects that impact more than one type of Pokémon. While the specifics were not given, we’ll update this list when we learn more. Here are the confirmed weather effects and corresponding type:

It should be noted that the following types don’t have a designation: Fairy, Normal, Fighting and Poison.

Partly Cloudy - Rock

Rain -  Water, Electric, Bug

Clear - Grass, Ground, Fire

Fog - Dark, Ghost

Snow - Ice, Steel

Wind - Flying, Dragon, Psychic

So what do you think of the new weather effect coming to Pokémon Go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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