‘Pokémon Go’ APK Download: Android Hack Not Worth The Risk

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pokemon go gym battles
How battles look in Pokemon Go Niantic

With Pokémon Go now available in parts of the world, there are plenty of ways to bypass the region locks to download the Pokémon mobile game for Android and iOS regardless of your country.

The most popular and probably easiest way to do so is by downloading the APK code for Pokémon Go. It’s rather simple to find the APK (how else did you find this story?) but you should know the risks if you plan to bypass the lock and download Pokémon Go early.

The most common risk is accidentally downloading malware onto your Android device.

According to SecurityFAQs, “The .apk files that are on various web sites around the web for the most part have not been truly vetted. While the Android app store does not do a thorough check of the apps that are submitted, the community does and they are able to tell you if one is good or not. If you install a .apk from someone’s website you are taking their word that it will not infect you. That is a very big risk to take.”

There’s also the chance downloading Pokémon Go early could get you banned by Niantec. While this has not been confirmed from the developer, it’s a risk not worth taking, considering the mobile game will likely show up on iOS and Android very soon.

Also, if you change your app store to another country you’ll lose your progress in the game once your country does receive the mobile game.

According to Android Police, the app won't work on Android N yet, so there’s no rush to download.

TLDR; be patient, Pokémon Go will arrive soon.

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