Pocket Rogues: Update 1.34 Adds the Lair; Implements Chat Function on Multiplayer

Pocket Rogues Update 1.34
Pocket Rogues Update 1.34 Steam

Pocket Rogues is a 2D roguelike action RPG with a top-down perspective. This game is dynamic in that every dungeon is randomly generated, meaning that you’ll never see two identical dungeons during your playthrough. You can explore unique locations - each with its own visual style and distinctive enemies.

Update 1.34 was released recently that added the Lair - a unique one-story dungeon that can be entered via the gates found in any normal dungeon. Speaking of gates, they are now more common than before, so there’s a good chance that you can enter the Lair often.

In terms of improvements, developer EtherGaming has added a new chat functionality to multiplayer mode. This is a pretty huge deal considering that the game didn’t have any chat feature for a very long time. Pocket Rogues now supports 2400x1800 resolution as well.

Anyway, the devs have also implemented some notable balancing changes. For one, items in your inventory are no longer sold on character death. This is now only done if you return to the Fortress. Additionally, the price of the items and equipment you sell has been increased by four times.


  • Added a new mini-boss. Its gates can be found in all locations, except for the Catacombs, Prison and Borderlands
  • Small rooms are now more common in the Borderlands
  • Added the ability to return to the Fortress alive. To do this, visit the Camp after the first kill of the Forgotten Keeper
  • Updated the summary screen at the end of the descent
  • Added 2 additional levels to the Alchemy Lab building that reduce the cost of combining consumable items
  • Added 12 new recipes for the Forge
  • After each purchase of "Potion of Oblivion" or "Serum of Oblivion," the cost of the next similar potion is increased by 100 gems
  • Pet Golem is now an elemental (previously it belonged to the class of animals)
  • Pets and mercenaries are now more difficult to distract the boss from the character
  • Item drop chance is now more balanced and more dependent on creature type (common, special, elite, etc.)
  • The "Range" effect now affects the range of the Hunter's lunges, and not just normal attacks
  • Bleeding no longer affects undead
  • Inventory now shows total item prices instead of base prices
  • Companions will no longer come close to the character if possible
  • When receiving new blueprints or modifiers, the volume of the music will be temporarily reduced so as not to drown out the corresponding sound effects
  • Disabled camera shift to the target when controlled using the keyboard and mouse
  • Changed "Target FPS" parameters due to low demand: values 144 and 240 are replaced by 90 and 120, respectively

Pocket Rogues Update 1.34 is available on Android and PC.

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