PlayStation Reportedly Ditching Download Codes At Physical Stores

PlayStation is said to be ditching download codes in all physical stores starting. Sony

It seems PlayStation is finally ready to ditch download codes in all physical stores. This information comes from Twitter user Wario64, a reliable video game insider.

Wario64 revealed a memo believed to be sent directly by PlayStation to GameStop stores across the world, suggesting that Sony no longer has plans to offer “full game digital download codes to any retailers.” The decision is said to officially start on April 1.

It is worth noting that games with physical disc releases will still be offered in-store. However, as far as digital games are concerned, sales will now be made available exclusively through the PlayStation Store itself. This means interested buyers will have to access the store through their PS4 console and buy directly from there.

The memo also clarified that the selling of general top-codes used for adding credit to PSN accounts is still available through these physical stores. In addition, the move is said to only affect Sony game releases. In other words, it does not necessarily bring any effect on Nintendo or Microsoft policy, although the possibility is there since the two companies have yet to make an announcement.

Ever since games have been solid digitally, physical stores – including the U.K.’s Game and the U.S.’ GameStop and Walmart – have provided in-store purchases of digital titles. Basically, a one-time use code is sold and used by players to download a certain game.

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