PlayStation's China Hero Project Games Lost Soul Aside and Pervader Will Skip ChinaJoy 2019

Ultizero Games and Beijing Light & Digital Technology will instead stay focused on their respective games' continued development.
Lost Soul Aside and Pervader will not be showcased at this year's ChinaJoy.
Lost Soul Aside and Pervader will not be showcased at this year's ChinaJoy. Ultizero Games

ChinaJoy 2019 begins today, and with it comes a whole host of titles from China-based developers as the country’s biggest gaming expo runs the whole weekend. There are tons of games that are featured, so be sure to stick around for our coverage of everything announced at this event, especially seeing as China is starting to gain footing in video game development – and that means more great games for everyone.

While there are a ton of playable games at ChinaJoy, as well as new trailers and announcements for games releasing soon, some of the developers for highly anticipated titles have made it known that they will be skipping the convention entirely. Ultizero Games, developer of Lost Soul Aside, and Beijing Light & Digital Technology, developer of Pervader, have come out and said that their titles will not be featured at ChinaJoy this year. However, the developers for both of PlayStation's China Hero Project games have released updates, which you can check out below (courtesy of Gematsu).

  • Lost Soul Aside this open world action adventure title started out with just a single developer, but it looks like there is a growing team around the game now. PlayStation's China Hero Project notes that the developers have chosen to focus more on development rather than showcasing the game for ChinaJoy 2019, which is very understandable to say the least.
  • Pervader – set for release as a PlayStation VR title, developer Beijing Light & Digital Technology also opted to not showcase the game for this year’s ChinaJoy and instead will focus on development as well.

PlayStation's China Hero Project also noted two more titles that attendees won’t be seeing at ChinaJoy this year – Boundary, which is noted to be nearing its release window, will instead be playable at Gamescom 2019 later this month. RAN: Lost Islands will also have its playable build release later this fall.

It’s a bit disappointing that we won’t hear much from these games, and I’m particularly bummed about Lost Soul Aside after seeing its potential last year. However, it’s nice to know that their development cycles are going along just fine, which is first and foremost the priority for video games after all.

ChinaJoy 2019 will run from August 2 to August 5. Expect more coverage from us as soon as it drops.


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