PlayStation 5 Controller Revealed

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Even though the PlayStation 5 console hasn't been officially revealed, the controller has just been announced. The next generation controller from Sony is called the DualSense, and from what we have seen, the company has made a major leap from its old controller both in terms of functionality and design.

The new PlayStation 5 controller has brand new haptic feedback tech replacing the old rumble technology. The controller also comes with new Adaptive Triggers that can be adjusted according to your preferred resistance. The controller also includes an integrated microphone and a highly requested USB-C port. Additionally, the PlayStation 5 controller has a brand new two-tone color scheme and rounded grips and face buttons.

The previously named "Share" button is now called the "Create" button. The Create button will help players to share their gameplay content with the community. Sony has also claimed that it will share more details on the PlayStation 5's controller in the coming days.

Apart from these, most of the features from the DualShock 4 will remain in the DualSense controller. The D-Pad is also sitting in the same place and the DualSense controller maintains the same symmetry as the older controllers.

From the first look, I thought that the PlayStation 5 controller has been inspired by the BMW. Whatever the case maybe, the controller definitely looks really unique and beautiful.

Here are the key features of the DualSense controller:

  • Two-tone color design
  • Updated form factor
  • Light bar placement
  • Haptic feedback
  • Adaptive triggers
  • Rechargeable battery via USB-C
  • Built-in mic
  • Create button

The release date and price for the DualSense controller has yet to be revealed. However, we expect the controller to launch along with the PlayStation 5 before it can be available separately. This is all we know about the DualSense controller and as soon as we learn something more, we'll make sure to share the details with you.

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