Platfomer Puzzle Game REZ PLZ Adds Xbox One And Switch Versions, Playable At PAX West 2019

Graffiti Games reveals console versions for REZ PLZ, in addition to its previously announced PC version.
Graffiti Games reveals console versions for REZ PLZ, in addition to its previously announced PC version. Graffiti Games

The upcoming puzzle platformer REZ PLZ has just unveiled that it will also be launching for consoles in addition to its previously announced PC, Mac, and Linux versions. The announcement was made by publisher Graffiti Games and developer Long Neck Games, and was accompanied by a console trailer uploaded on the publisher’s official YouTube channel.

REZ PLZ is the latest addition to the ever-growing pixel styled platformer subgenre. The game can either be played solo or with two players who control two wizard brothers. Arcan and Zeph possess the power of resurrection (hence the game’s title). While traversing through multiple platforming challenges and solving puzzles, players encounter dangerous monsters and traps that require them to actually kill one of the wizard brothers to advance. However, thanks to their powers which come from a magical scroll, the brothers are able to resurrect each other from a multitude of gruesome and definitely horrifying ways to die, such as being sliced in half, eaten alive by monstrous creatures, being burned alive, and more. As players progress in REZ PLZ, they unlock new spells that grant them abilities to overcome the increasingly difficult challenges that lie ahead.

REZ PLZ already seems like it works better being played with a friend, but it is intriguing how the “let the other one die” mechanic will work for the single player mode. Aside from the co-op play, the game also includes difficult puzzles that can be solved without the need for death, five unique environments which are filled with unlockable cosmetic items, gauntlet levels, and other bonus modes such as a PVP foot race.

The pixel styled puzzle platformer will be playable for those who attend Graffiti Games’ booth at the upcoming PAX West 2019. PAX West runs from August 30 to September 2, and is held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. REZ PLZ will launch for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux by Q1 2020.

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