Planet S Update 0.4.0: Military Update

Planet S Update 0.4.0
Planet S Update 0.4.0 Steam

Planet S recently received a major update that introduced new combat gameplays: Spaceship Combat and Colony Combat. In addition to that, the developers added several QoL changes and bug fixes.

Spaceship Combat

Now, spaceships can attack each other if their respective factions are at war with each other. Spaceships will automatically attack nearby enemies, and will also follow them if players intentionally command it. Spaceships will lose their items when destroyed, so players must protect as many as they can.

Colony Combat

The latest update features a plethora of changes regarding colony combat. Now, players can use spaceships to attack buildings and ruined structures can only be repaired once the colony is no longer in a state of war. By default, defensive buildings will attack the strongest target in range and form a garrison if they are close to each other. Also, players must keep in mind that they are required to destroy all garrisons in a planet to conquer it.

Planet S Update 0.4.0

Quality of Life
  • Added a planet pole marker for orientation purposes. It will be visible while rotating around the planet.
  • The spaceship UI will now display an icon of the spaceship type next to the name.
  • Added an info icon above residences while using the upgrade tool that shows up when you are able to upgrade that building.
  • Tweaked the behavior of faction ring markers around spaceships. They will now individually be visable based on distance from the camera.
  • The credits count when creating a diplomatic proposal with a demand for credits will be marked as red if the other player does not have enough money.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare and random engine level crash.
  • Fixed a crash that could occured when there are other types of files in the saves folder.
  • Fixed a bug that caused buildings to be marked as in shadow while not being in shadow (lights were on).
  • Fixed a desync that could happen when moving a building onto itself with the same rotation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused unlock conditions for technologies to not triggerd correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused energy levels to go into a positive/negative loop.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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