The Planet Crafter "Insects & Waterfall" Update is Here

The Planet Crafter "Insects & Waterfall" Update Is Here
The Planet Crafter "Insects & Waterfall" Update Is Here Steam

The Planet Crafter recently received the Insects & Waterfall Update that added three new biomes, 15 new butterfly species, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

New Biomes

The developers added three new biomes in this update. The first biome is a Meteor Field that looks spooky with a very dark theme. The second and third biomes are Waterfalls and Mushrooms River, which are bright-looking with a lot of areas to explore.

Performance Improvements

The developers made a few performance improvements to the game, such as better tree rendering, improved fusion generator performances, and the default FPS now set to 60, instead of infinite.

The Planet Crafter Update 0.5.005

Major Changes
  • Biomass unit is now the sum of 3 units: Plants, Insects, Animals (not yet implemented)
  • Plants generation remplace the biomass generation on existing machines
  • Reduced Nuclear Fusion Generator power input from 1625 to 1485 (Could lead to power shortage on your save, just add new power sources)
  • Larvae appears naturally in the world after the trees stage
  • Increase some Tree seeds oxygen multipliers
  • Some tree seeds have to bee unlocked
  • Genetic manipulator produce tree seeds more quickly
  • Increase plants generation for most of plants generating machines
  • Reduce Trees spreader t3 energy consumption- Reduce trees spreader t1 unlocking level (from 6.5e+07 to 4.5e+07)
  • Reduce trees spreader t2 unlocking level (from 7.5e+09 to 6e+09)
  • Reduce terraformation index required for trees stage
  • Reduce terraformation index required for insects stage
  • 5 new achievements
  • Improve Polish localization (Thanks to Tominion on discord)
  • Improve English localization (Thanks to Neuromution on Steam forums)
  • Fix loading/saving errors when using different devices to play (Thanks to akarnokd on Discord)
  • 2 New golden crates
  • Added 2 new drop levels for end game loot (better loot in crates for current end game)
  • Added a background on machines informations
Bug Fix
  • Improve placement of objects on outside foundation grids

You can read more about the update here.

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