Planet Coaster Update: Free And Paid DLC Coming Next Week

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The Copperhead Strike has gone digital in the upcoming Planet Coaster update
The Copperhead Strike has gone digital in the upcoming Planet Coaster update Frontier Developments

Planet Coaster is updating yet again, this time adding new rides to put in your park. This update includes both free and premium content.

First up is the free stuff. The April 16 update includes the Copperhead Strike, a new roller coaster based on the ride found at Carowinds in South Carolina. The Copperhead Strike is a fairly intense ride, reaching a top speed of 50 miles per hour and featuring two 360 loops, a corkscrew, an inverted top hat and more. This roller coaster is free for all Planet Coaster fans, even if they don’t purchase the Classic Rides pack. More information on the real-life Copperhead Strike can be found here.

A full look at the Copperhead Strike track
A full look at the Copperhead Strike track Frontier Developments

As for the Classic Rides pack, we don’t know too many specifics about the next batch of paid DLC for Planet Coaster. The rides pack includes nine all-new rides and one variant ride, but we don’t know what these new rides are just yet. Developer Frontier teased that the new rides will be revealed on the company’s Twitter account leading up to the April 16 release.

We don’t have any official announcement for the price of the Classic Rides pack, but the release looks very similar to the previous Magnificent Rides pack for Planet Coaster . The previous DLC also included nine new rides along with one variant. The Magnificent Rides pack is currently $10.99 on Steam, which is the same price as other Planet Coaster DLC such as the World’s Fair pack and Studios pack. Expect the Classic Rides pack to feature a similar price tag.

Planet Coaster is now available on PC. The Classic Rides pack, along with the free Copperhead Strike release, will be made available on April 16.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see all the new rides in the Classic Rides pack? Are you more excited to drop a digital version of the Copperhead Strike into your Planet Coaster park? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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