PixARK's Skyward DLC Offers 10 New Islands

New Skyward DLC released.
New Skyward DLC released. Snail Games

The open world voxel-based sandbox survival game PixARK expands with the release of its first downloadable content Skyward. The free to download Expansion Pack adds a floating archipelago with 10 unique islands, each of which brings a brand new biome to the game. Skyward-exclusive creatures with new Ruins, boss challenge, and the higher TEK tier Engram have been added along with the new map.

While Skyward is now available for free on Steam, console players need to wait a bit longer. According to a press statement, the DLC is “coming to console players soon.” A new update for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allows split screen and local co-op play for the first time.

In Skyward, players face off against an alien race called the Cobaltianians, who are threatening to deplete the world of its mineral supply. Players explore each of the 10 new islands to look for resources that help them upgrade their technology, push back the invading aliens, and restore balance in the World of PixARK.

The Skyward DLC on Steam includes:

  • Floating Island Map
    • A map spanning 10 distinctive island biomes, each featuring new creatures and cube types.
  • New Ruins
    • Players can take on special bosses, from Cobaltianian offers, Behemoth and the Ghost Dragon King to obtain special equipment and armor, or drop into Wyvern nests to hatch their own Wyvern. Featuring fresh biomes and creatures, there are new types of loot waiting to be obtained.
  • Summon Bone Creatures
    • Skeletal bone creatures and Fossil Cubes can be found throughout the new map. Players must defeat bone creatures or harvest Fossil Cubes to obtain Fossils. With enough fossils, explorers can venture to the Summoning Altar to summon their own tamable Bone Creatures.
  • TEK Technology Engrams
    • Players can now infuse engrams with TEK technology to create advanced mechanized items, including new swords, guns, grenades, shields, armor, saddles, and other useful materials.
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