PixARK 1.106 Patch Notes: New Airship, New Creatures, And New Items Added

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The PixARK 1.106 patch is now here
The PixARK 1.106 patch is now here Snail Games USA

Snail Games USA, the developer of survival video game PixARK, recently released an update that introduces a brand new steel airship and some more creatures. The new creatures include an Iguanodon, a Cobalt Winged Serpent, a Cobalt Void Manta, and a Cobalt Ghost Dragon. The developers have also fixed a few bugs such as creatures adding armor and also added in a saddle for the Iguanodon.

PixARK 1.106 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

New Creatures:

1. Iguanodon

A medium-sized herbivore with a pair of pointy thumbs that excels at gathering berries and seeds. It possesses well-developed hind limbs that allow it to stand up and walk on two feet, as well as run quickly on four! Normally wild Iguanodons are gentle and do not actively attack other creatures, but they will not hesitate to fight back when they are assaulted.

Tamed Iguanodons have been found to not only aid in the collection of berries and seeds, but also in special methods to help extract seeds from berries. When ridden, an Iguanodon can also be switched to travel mode, allowing it to use its four feet to run quickly without draining stamina.

Left-click: normal attack, harvest bushes, and grass.
Right-click: switching between travel and normal mode
“C” button: Eats a berry or crop will greatly enhance its attack, and there is a chance of extracting a random berry, crop, or magic crop seed.

Can be found in the Swamp (PixARK) and Glittering Ridge (Skyward)

2. Cobalt Winged Serpent

Can be found at Twilight Woods

3. Cobalt Void Manta

Can be found at the Void

4. Cobalt Ghost Dragon

Can be found at the Blackrock Mountain

New Structures:
Steel Airship
Steel Airship can be learned under Industrial Engrams and crafted at a Fabricator at lv70. Steel Airships will require gasoline as fuel. It’s a sturdy structure with high HP and Weight limit, allowing players to build other structures on top. Steel Airships can be controlled by WASD keys as well as the right-click button for direction, and the C & X keys for elevation.

New Item

1. Iguanodon Saddle, can be learned at lv35.

1. Fertilizers can now have 100 per stack.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug where Flash Grass Block cannot be crafted.
2. Fixed a bug where the creature costumes can add armor.
3. Fixed a bug where the Chomper/Green Vine/Nepenthes attack not consume fertilizer.

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