Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Launches New Animal Companion System

A pirate's best friend.
A pirate's best friend. JOYCITY

There are many things that a pirate needs to be, and one of them is to be a good companion. Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War just revealed its latest feature, the Animal Companion System. As the term implies, players have the chance to get their very own companion like a Baby Monkey, Kitten, Parrot Chick, or Puppy.

Take note that they’re not in the game just for show. Players must take care of them until they grow up. That means caring and playing with them. Once they reach adulthood, they’re going to give players boosts in stats for hunting, voyage, capacity, collecting speeds, and power, among many others.

So how does one get an Animal Companion? Players need to finish the “Give a Gift to Tactician” quest and get Fortress Level 7. After that, the Animal Companion should be available for purchase at the Animal Market. Just in case you’re one of those who’ve forgotten, this is the shop beside the Captain Character in Territory.

Now, it doesn’t stop when the animal companion reaches adulthood. Players need to maintain a certain Satisfaction Level. If they’re at zero, then the animal companion cannot gain XP and its skill won’t be applied. However, the stats and Talisman Synergy are still applied. So be sure to keep your companion happy.

You can read more about this feature here.

Other New Features

Of course, the introduction of a new system wouldn’t be complete without some in-game events. There’s also a Caribbean Pass that offers a pirate-themed volcano island fortress skin.

The Animal Companion System isn’t the only new thing in the game. There’s also Baek, a Korean-inspired Tactician. Baek uses an area-of-effect attack style which should allow for a new level of strategy, especially when it comes to high-seas combat.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is available on iOS and Android. This free-to-play naval warfare game was released in 2017. It’s based on the highly popular Pirates of the Caribbean series and features many of its characters, ships, and lore. The game is set after the events of At World’s End and has players take on the East India Trading Company.

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