Pirate Action RPG King Of Seas Has Been Officially Announced For Consoles And PC

Featuring procedural generation and a constantly adapting world.
3DClouds has officially announced their biggest project yet - a pirate-themed action RPG titled King of Seas.
3DClouds has officially announced their biggest project yet - a pirate-themed action RPG titled King of Seas. 3DClouds

Developer 3DClouds has just announced their upcoming self-published game King of Seas. A pirate-themed action-adventure role-playing title, King of Seas is set to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this coming fall.

The company’s announcement also came with a 45 second trailer that showcased the game’s graphics, which are reminiscent of another upcoming sailing-centered role-playing title, Windbound. The trailer also gave a look at different locations and peeks at the game’s combat system, although no actual gameplay has been revealed yet.

With the way developer 3DClouds describes the game in its overview, it seems like King of Seas is your typical run-of-the-mill role-playing title, but pirate-themed. The game is immersed in the time of pirates filled with “ferocious sea battles, hidden treasure, and lost islands” which are all set in a stunning procedurally generated game world. Nothing notable about the story has been revealed yet, but the game’s overview states that King of Seas’ plot will be moved by the death of your character’s father and their epic journey through unknown waters and islands to exact vengeance against the perpetrators.

Other factors that players need to take into account while on their adventure is the game’s dynamic naval routes that will force them to change their strategies depending on the challenge that is facing them. King of Seas also has a dynamic weather system that may dictate whether fighting conditions will be on your side or against you. Trading goods, navigating islands to locate lucrative treasure, engaging in naval warfare with other ships, and interacting with a cast of intriguing characters are just a few of what players should expect once they set their sail.

“We are thrilled that after a year of hard work, we are finally ready to unveil King of Seas, our most ambitious project to date," 3DClouds founder and CEO Francesco Bruschi has said in a press release. "We have poured all our creative talent into creating this stunning pirate world and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks.”

King of Seas will be launching for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this coming fall. Check out the game's Steam page here.

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