Pink & Green Joy-Cons From Nintendo Switch Splatoon Bundle Arrives In March

These new striking colors would look great with your Switch.
These new striking colors would look great with your Switch. Nintendo

If you wanted the cool neon pink and green Joy-Cons from the Splatoon Switch bundle, but didn't want to buy an extra console, you're in luck. According to the Nintendo of America Twitter , the Joy-Cons that came with the Splatoon 2 bundle will be available separately in the United States later this month.

In the U.S., the Splatoon 2 bundle left Joy-Con is pink, and the right one is green. Oddly enough, Japan's bundle has an inverted color scheme, with the left being green and the right pink. If you want to have an all-green or all-pink match up, it’s possible to import the Japanese version of the Joy-Cons, though I'm not sure why you'd want to go through the trouble.

I do have a bit of an issue with these types of hardware releases as they tend to punish early adopters. I got a Nintendo Switch on day one and own the neon red and blue Joy-Cons. But given a chance, I might have gotten the pink and green of the Splatoon 2 bundle instead. And who knows what sweet Joy-Cons Nintendo will release down the line? At $79.99, a pair of Joy-Cons is about the most expensive basic controller for a console right now, and I don't want to shell out $80 everytime a new Joy-Cons colorway I like comes out.

Alternatively, it would have been a lot cooler had Nintendo made the outer casing just an interchangeable shell that snaps to the main assembly. It could kind of work like the case on the standard New Nintendo 3DS (which they didn't replicate on the New Nintendo 3DS XL or 2DS XL for some reason). I just want to have my cake and eat it too.

Hopefully, we'll see further customization options for the Switch in the future. Beyond color changes, it would also be nice to get some more fancy offerings, like gold with some Triforces, or patterns that pay tribute to the NES or Famicom. I'd be all over that.

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