Pheonix Point Announced For A December 3 Launch On PC Via EGS, 2020 For Consoles

The developer also detailed the game's retail editions.
Developer Snapshot Games has scheduled Phoenix Point for a December 3 release on PC via the Epic Games Store.
Developer Snapshot Games has scheduled Phoenix Point for a December 3 release on PC via the Epic Games Store. Snapshot Games

Following a significant amount of delays these last few months, developer Snapshot Games has finally announced a proper release date for the studio’s latest strategy title, Phoenix Point. Initially due out in September of this year, Phoenix Point is now launching on December 3 for the PC first through its exclusivity deal via the Epic Games Store, followed by a Q1 2020 release window for Xbox One and later in 2020 for the PlayStation 4. Check out a trailer for the game below.

Coming from the minds behind the original X-COM series, Phoenix Point is a strategy game featuring the usual blend of turn-based tactics and world-based strategy that made the aforementioned series a household name when it comes to the genre. Like X-COM, Phoenix Point will also involve terrifying alien encounters that mutate and evolve in response to your tactics, ultimately opening up new avenues of challenges along the way.

The launch date announcement came from a detailed forum post from Snapshot Games, which also includes several specifics on the release as well as the editions that will be available. First off, the developer announced that they will be moving away from Phoenix Point’s Early Access editions on November 8 to fully head to the game’s retail editions. While players can still pre-order the retail editions directly through the Epic Games Store or on the developer’s own storefront, Backer Build 5 – which is an early access build of the game – would not be available from that point onwards. If you’re looking to experience one of the game’s earliest offerings, you should purchase the game before November 8.

Phoenix Point will come in three retail editions, which you can check out in the infographic below.

As for the timeline of the DLCs, Phoenix Point has stated that they are expecting the first one, Blood and Titanium, to release in early 2020. The other four will be staggered at intervals for the rest of the year. Before its high-profile exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store, Phoenix Point was also publicly crowdfunded on Fig, and as part of this campaign, Snapshot Games will be releasing the Season Pass, which includes all five DLCs, to all Fig backers regardless of tier for no extra charge.

Phoenix Point is now available for pre-purchase on PC via the Epic Games Store.

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