Phasmophobia Update Adds New Ghost Types and New Truck

Phasmophobia Steam

Phasmophobia recently received an update that added three new entities, a new truck, and bug fixes. These new additions should keep you busy until the launch of the Custom Difficulty Update.

New Ghosts

The developers have introduced three new ghosts in Deogen, Moroi, and Thaye in this update. These three ghosts will have an increased spawn rate for the next two weeks, so players can experience all the spooky stuff themselves. We would suggest you go in blind without reading any information about these ghosts to make it more challenging and scary at the same time.

New Truck

The Truck or Van is the vehicle used to transport players from the lobby to the map. The Truck also comes equipped with a few devices that help players find ghosts. In this update, the Truck has received new models, a layout, and additional materials. The pieces of equipment are now placed on the walls of the truck, instead of on the rack.

Sounds make the game more spooky, and with this update, the developers added new footstep sounds for the metal floor in the truck and ramp. The new sounds should make players more paranoid when they hear footsteps.

Phasmophobia Update

  • The number of free hiding spots will now be increased when playing multi-player games
    • Three players: +1 hiding spot
    • Four players: +2 hiding spots
  • The voice recognition splash-screen has been removed, as it is no longer needed
  • The map screen in the truck now has up and down arrows for changing floors, instead of a single button
  • When using their ability, Jinn will now leave EMF at the Fuse Box rather than where they are currently stood
  • You will now never see ghost mist when the ghost type is an Oni
  • Sanity Pills can no longer be duplicated for extra uses
  • Sanity Pills will now give the correct insurance amount
  • You can now use the main menu boom-box in VR
  • The delay when taking a photo has been removed
  • Yurei can no longer drain your sanity when you are outside the location
  • Yurei will no longer stop interacting if they use their ability in the Willow garage
  • You can now interact with all interactable objects in VR
  • The photo camera sound will now muffle correctly between floors
  • You can no longer light Lighters with lit Candles
  • Candles can now be lit with other lit Candles
  • Candle and Lighter flames will now cast the correct shadows
  • The shoulder flashlight will no longer break when closing and opening the truck door

You can read more about the update here.

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