Phasmophobia: Hotfix v0.7.1.2 Improves Game Performance in Sunny Meadows

Phasmophobia Apocalypse
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The online co-op psychological horror game Phasmophobia got a new patch recently. Hotfix v0.7.1.2 brought improvements and bug fixes, particularly to the Sunny Meadows and VR.

Sunny Meadows was once a mental institution that consists of five wings and two floors. This is the largest map in Phasmophobia, so developer Kinetic Games implemented some improvements to enhance your experience.

First, the performance when you’re inside the building is increased. This can be felt when you’re in the different wings of the mental institution, as well as in the courtyard or basement.

In the female day room, the bookshelf will now disappear when the hiding spot is blocked. Besides that, ghosts can no longer spawn on top of tables.

For VR improvements, there’s now an option that allows you to change between toggle and hold-grab when interacting with doors. Furthermore, the shop and cabinets in the lobby have been reorganized, making them easier to access when you play Phasmophobia on VR.

Patch Notes

  • You can now interact with the lobby cabinets to get a closer view of their contents
  • You can now place the bowling pins
  • You can now remove your votes on the contract board
  • The sunny meadows boilers now have a burning loop sound
  • Two extra cabinets have been added in the lobby for future trophies
  • The shop and cabinets in the lobby have been moved, to make access easier for VR players
  • Improved lobby ball physics
  • The server browser language filter will now default to "Any" instead of your voice language setting to allow you to see all servers by default.
  • The warning before resetting your save file is now much more obvious
  • Various bone spawns, ghost orb spawns and AI navigation fixes across all maps
  • You can now ready up on a map that you have not unlocked
  • The microphone volume bar will now work in the lobby when you are on a server
  • Loading a custom preset will now update the left and right buttons properly
  • Insurance will no longer say $0 if you click skip
  • You can now skip the end-game animation whilst your ID card is animating
  • Halloween event sounds will now accommodate your volume settings
  • Having no microphone will no longer break applying your settings
  • Voting a new map now unvotes an already voted map
  • Players will no longer stay in the lobby when leaving the game
  • Unlocking maps and equipment now happens as you unlock them
  • Wall crucifixes will now leave scratches on the wall, and interaction photos will now work
  • Hiding spot in the utility room now has collision
  • Some door fingerprints are no longer floating
  • The cheese slice will now react to physics correctly

Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.7.1.2 is available on PC.

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