Phantasy Star Online 2 Crosses One Million Registered Players

A new milestone has been reached.
A new milestone has been reached. SEGA

Phantasy Star Online 2 revealed that it has crossed a new milestone with more than one million registered players. This follows a successful launch to both Xbox One and PC in North America earlier this year, along with the release to more regions through Steam this month.

In a press statement, PSO Team Global Head of Marketing Fred White said that everyone has been working hard in order to be able to bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to players around the world this year. He went on to say that “launching worldwide has been a dream come true” and that “surpassing a million registered players this month is a good feeling, and we’ve got so much more in store for the game in the future to look forward to.”

In celebration of this achievement, SEGA is hosting the One Million ARKS Celebration in Phantasy Star Online 2. Starting on August 19, and running through August 26, all Quests are going to give these Boosts:

  • EXP Earned +100%
  • Rare Drop Rate +100%
  • Rare Enemy Spawn Rate +100%

During this same period, operatives get EXP 100,000 Tickets (x2) each day for simply logging in to the game. Log in on at least five separate days and get rewarded with EXP 100,000 Tickets (x6).

That’s not all, as in the same celebration period, players who log-in for at least five days get to be part of a raffle that offers these prizes:

  • AC 10,000 Ticket (x1)
    • Number of Winners: 100
  • SG 1,000 (x1)
    • Number of Winners: 100
  • AC Scratch Tickets (x10)
    • Number of Winners: 100

New Update

Recently, Phantasy Star Online 2 released an update which adds 35 new regions that are now supported by the Steam release. Other new things that arrived to the game include:

  • New Releases
    • New Episode 4 Story Content: Chapters 5-7
    • New Enemy: Phantasm Battleship Yamato
    • New Enemy: Esca Falz Mother
    • New Live Concert: ARKS Dance Festival
    • New AC Scratch Ticket: Earth Defenders
    • New FUN Scratch Ticket: August 2020 - Part 2
  • New In-game Campaigns
    • Complete Client Orders
    • Get ARKS Handbook Title
    • Celebrating 1,000,000 ARKS
    • Quest Trigger Distribution

You can view all the new changes arriving to the game along with the fixed issues here.

Phantasy Star Online 2 offers players a chance to explore numerous worlds online while being able to experience unmatched action combat and character customization. Players can choose from a selection of four unique races and nine classes. Players can also team up with up to eleven other operatives to take on unforgettable battles and boss fights.

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