'Persona 5' Shadow Okumura Boss Fight Guide

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Persona 5
Learn how to defeat boss Shadow Okumura in 'Persona 5.' Persona

The fifth Persona 5 boss fight will pit the party against Haru's father, the coldhearted businessman Kunikazu Okumura. Although Okumura realizes his company's long hours are making his employees miserable and knows its wrong to forcefully arrange Haru's marriage for political gain, Okumura can't help but place his career ambitions over everything else.

When the Phantom Thieves invade his Palace, Shadow Okumura tries to convince his daughter to his side and to quit acting out. Check out the Persona 5 Okumura boss fight guide below:

Persona 5
Learn how to defeat boss Shadow Okumura in 'Persona 5.' Photo: Persona

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Shadow Okumura will hang back and let his robot employees attack first. The first wave of his four minions are weak against fire and it won't take a lot of heat at all before the first wave is defeated. Okumura will continue to throw wave after wave of workers to attack.

Okumura will send six waves of various low-level minions. The  Corporobo MLD-WKR are weak against Wind and Fire, but resistant to everything else.  The  Corporobo MLD-CH are weak to Ice and Psychic, but resistant to everything else. Corporobo MDL-AM are Weak to Electric, Wind, Bless, and Nuclear. while resistant to everything else.  Corporobo MDL-DM are weak against Wind, Bless or Electric, and resistant to everything else.  Corporobo MDL-GM are weak to Curse and Psychic (and maybe Bless), and resistant everything else. 

Finally, Okumura will say his "regular workers aren't fit for the job," and send his executive director, a giant robot in a black business suit, to take on the Phantom Thieves. Maintain your HP in this battle and chip away with powerful physical attacks – the giant bot doesn't seem to have any known weaknesses. Once you're able to bring this robot executive's HP to somewhere between 50 percent to 25 percent, Shadow Okumura will provide some extra debuffs to make the fight difficult for you. Keep your HP Up And don't let up.

When Shadow Okumura has run out of minions to send, throw your attacks at him to take him down. Haru's Psi skills will definitely be helpful here. At this point, only two or three attacks are necessary to knock Okumura out of his chair.

To watch the Persona 5 Okumura Boss Fight gameplay guide, watch the video from YouTube channel Boss Fight Database below:

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