'Persona 5' 7th Boss Fight Guide: How To Take Down The Traitor

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Persona 5
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Oh the twists in Persona 5! If you clicked on this guide, you're facing the seventh boss fight in Persona 5. If you haven't faced the seventh boss yet, then you've made a big mistake. Turn away from the spoilers now before you ruin the game for yourself!

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. This is your last chance to turn away.

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Admired for his talents as an "idol detective," the charismatic Goro Akechi has been an effective member of the Phantom Thieves. However, players that have completed Sae's dungeon will know that Goro ends up betraying the crew.

Here's how to take down Goro Akechi in the Persona 5 traitor boss fight.

In the first phase, Akechi reveals he can not only summon multiple Personas, but can also make shadows go berserk. Akechi will also utilize Power Charge, which amplifies his attacks by 2.5x. Watch out for his Megidolaon Heavy Multi-Hit Bless Attack and Megaton Raid Severe Physical Attack. Be sure to protect the protagonist with a guard while also readying the heals after Akechi targets him with a single target attack. Have your crew return physical attacks towards Akechi.

In phase two, Akechi reveals his true form as the black masked Persona User previously mentioned by Madarame and Keneshiro. When Akechi is over 50 percent of his HP, Akechi's attack increases dramatically, so we recommend the party to come prepared with Recovery Skills to maintain the members' HP. Also, be ready to equip Energy Drop and Energy Shower to lift Despair when necessary. Akechi will be weak against Magic Spells during this phase as it will still pass through his Tetrakarn barrier.

When Akechi dips below 50 percent of his HP, he will now use Makarakarn to handle Magic Spells. Switch to strong Physical Attacks to chip away Akechi's health.

To watch the gameplay guide for the Akechi boss fight in Persona 5, be sure to check out the YouTube video via Boss Fight Database below:

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