'Persona 5' 4th Boss Fight: Help Futaba Defeat Aerial Cognitive Wakaba

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'Persona 5' Wakaba boss fight
Help Futaba take down Cognitive Wakaba in 'Persona 5's fourth boss fight. Boss FIght Database / YouTube

We've encountered some pretty lousy adult shadow bosses in Persona 5, but the game's fourth boss is a dramatic departure from what we've seen so far. When the crew expected to encounter Futaba's shadow, they were met with an insanely strong Cognition instead. Here's how you take on Cognitive Wakaba. 

Cognitive Wakaba takes on the form of a flying Sphinx. As the first boss that deals attacks from the sky, you're better off with a team with spells and guns – physical attacks will not reach her. What's more, be sure your squad is resistant against both Wind and Physical attacks. 

'Persona 5' Wakaba boss fight
Help Futaba take down Cognitive Wakaba in 'Persona 5's fourth boss fight. Photo: Boss FIght Database / YouTube

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The first phase of the fight against Cognitive Wakaba is quite fruitless as your arsenal of attacks is quite limited given her flying advantage. Chip away at Wakaba until she flies higher. Morgana will warn that she's staging for a dive attack, so use this opportunity to restore your party's health and raise your guards. Morgana won't be able to predict exactly when Cognitive Wakaba will time her strike. Even with your guards up, the aerial strike will take away a big chunk of HP.

Without spoiling too much, Futaba will join the battle alongside the gang. What's more, Shadow Futaba will also give the party a ballista, or a giant crossbow, to take down her Cognitive. In classic Persona fashion, it's going to take three turns before the ballista is ready, so be sure you can withstand the hits. It's best to the member of your party who is weakest against Wind attacks to the ballista.  

Watch out for Cognitive Wakaba's Slams, which take away large chunks of HP from one member of the party, while her blasts and swipes will hurt everyone. Wakaba can also hit party members with despair, so have your cures ready.

Once the ballista is ready to go, you're in business. These physical attacks will really tear Wakaba apart. You'll get two rounds of attack before Wakaba flies away to deal more slams and swipes. Send a member of your party to man the ballista once again and repeat until Cognitive Wakaba is finally taken down.

For a Persona 5 Cognitive Wakaba Boss Fight gameplay guide, check out the video from YouTube channel Boss Fight Database below:

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