Payday 2: Update 217 Brings Two Highly Requested Features

Payday 2 Update 217
Payday 2 Update 217 Twitter/@PAYDAYGame

Developers of the popular cooperative-shooter Payday 2 have released an update that brings two highly requested features. Update 217 also brings some needed bug fixes, including one for a crash related to getting attacked by a taser enemy.

New Features

Two new quality-of-life improvements have been introduced. The first one is the Down Counter, and it’s actually a very popular mod brought by the active modding community.

Basically, the Down Counter tells you how many times you need to be shot down before you head straight to custody. For those new to the game, you will need to bleed out a few times before you get captured by the police. This feature makes you aware of how many “downs” you still have left.

That said, you will start with three, indicated by the small number next to your name. That number goes down every time you bleed out. Once exhausted, the next time you get shot down, you go straight to police custody. It is advised that you bring as many doctor bags as possible. The deployable equipment not only replenishes your health but restores your “downs” as well.

The next feature is called the Motion Dot. For context, motion sickness is a very common condition due to a disconnect between your mind and body. While this can be prevented by sitting further away from the screen or by playing in a bright room, these options may not be possible for everybody. That is where Motion Dot comes in.

This feature places a single static element in the middle of the screen. This is helpful since it’s been known that a fixed point in the foreground may prevent motion sickness. You can also choose from a variety of colors and sizes that best suits you.


  • Added a potential fix for a crash related to getting attacked by a taser enemy
  • Added unused voice lines for Team AI when reviving players depending on how many times the player has been downed
  • Fixed an issue where the Dead of Winter outfit was clipping with the chest when playing the Scarface character
  • Fixed a large number of spelling and grammar errors
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization of “GenSec”
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization of “”
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization of “Federales”
  • Fixed inconsistent wording in unlock requirement text from the inventory
  • Fixed inconsistent spelling of “Murkies”
  • Fixed an issue on the Breakfast In Tijuana heist where an objective would not trigger unless all players were nearby
  • Unified the look of Hajrudin on the heists Stealing Xmas and White Xmas
  • Fixed an issue on the Stealing Xmas heist where Hajrudin's head did not have an outline

Payday 2 Update 217 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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