Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Various Quest Issues Fixed in Update 2.0.6k

Update 2.0.6k
Update 2.0.6k Twitter/@OwlcatGames

Developer Owlcat Games brings another new patch for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Players should download Update 2.0.6k as soon as possible because it includes numerous bug fixes.

One of the major bugs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous where Galfrey and Irabeth could die during the Siege of Drezen is now fixed in Update 2.0.6k. Players can load up an earlier save if the aforementioned characters have already died before this patch went live.

Early Sunset is not a time of day, but rather, an NPC in Pathfinder that can give players some side quests. That said, the issue where Early Sunset should not have died at the Fleshmarkets has been resolved. Just like the previous bug, players must load an earlier save where the NPC was still alive. Those who had quests like “Where’s My Dragon?” stalled because of Early Sunset’s death can now resume as intended.


  • Fixed a computer you could walk through in Blackwater
  • After fighting Deskari in Iz, skipping the cutscene could lead to the party getting stuck – fixed, it's no longer possible to skip that cutscene anymore
  • Fixed the bug in Pulura's Fall, when suspicious travelers could die during the battle with the undead. If that already happened, you will need to load an earlier save, before the beginning of that battle
  • Fixed the cutscene after a battle with Marhevok in Wintersun, where he would get up and start fighting again
  • Fixed the issue that could prevent the party from boarding the ship in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC
  • A quest to find the missing crusader in Drezen could break if Camellia was dead – fixed. If you are already having a problem with this quest, you need to load a save before entering Drezen, and resurrect Camellia
  • Fixed the issue with the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, when the Find the last treasure quest from the stand-alone mode became available in the main campaign
  • If during the storm of Drezen one of the crusaders with a battering ram is killed, the gates will still open
Turn-Based Mode
  • Charge didn't work right in turn-based mode when the mount had an active status effect that affected it – fixed.
Classes and Mechanics
  • A duplicate of Arcane Armor Mastery feat was available for some classes upon level up – fixed
  • A duplicate of the Second Bloodrager Bloodline feat will no longer appear when leveling your character
  • A status effect from Burning Infusion wasn't displayed on the enemies – fixed
  • Bonuses from Magic Fang and Magic Fang, Greater could be lost after saving and loading the game – fixed
  • Dragon Disciple prestige class now has the right prerequisites for interacting with the Bloodrager class

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 2.0.6k is available on PC.

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