Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 2.1.2d Resolves Issues Involving Ulbrig

Update 2.1.2d
Update 2.1.2d Twitter/@owlcatgames

Ulbrig Olesk, the new shifter character in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous who has the ability to turn into a powerful griffin, has been quite popular among the fan base since his introduction in The Last Sarkorians DLC. However, there are some issues concerning the game’s resident griffin, which is why developer Owlcat Games launched Update 2.1.2d to resolve them.

Ulbrig is an esteemed and powerful shifter in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, so no surprise that he kept falling into the pits while in griffin mode before Update 2.1.2d went live. Now, it’s very unlikely that he will do it again.

On a more serious note, the issue where Ulbrig could die during the attack on the Crusader Camp and talk while being dead has been resolved.

This patch has fixed other in-game issues as well. In turn-based mode, for example, the bug that caused the inventory of the wrong character to open when pressing the inventory hotkey has been fixed.


  • In Gundrun at night you could run into an invisible wall – fixed.
  • In The Last Sarkorians DLC, it was possible to enter the chieftain's house during the battle, which could break farther progress – fixed.
  • In Threshold, during the attack on the camp, hired mercenaries that were supposed to be with the Commander, were also present in the second party, but couldn't be controlled by the player or killed by the attackers, which could potentially block the progress – fixed.
  • Now you can complete the Learn Queen Galfrey's fate quest by talking with Storyteller.
  • Dialogue with Kerenai could function incorrectly, after what the shield shard could not be obtained – fixed.
  • Arysen Krei’s request couldn't be completed if picked after visiting Kerenai - fixed.
  • The Sling Staff Nature's Agony didn't use its special ability and had a wrong bonus – fixed.
  • Some quest items, that were supposed to be irremovable from a weapon slot, could be removed by polymorphing – fixed.
  • Auras didn't work beyond 37 feet distance due to the code limitation – fixed.
  • Dragonkind spells had an incorrect description regarding the bonus type to ability scores – fixed.
  • During level up, if all feats from the list had been previously taken, it was impossible to finish the level up – fixed.
  • Fixed the number of attacks and the penalty when using Fast Bombs and Rapid Shot.
  • Fixed the number of Velociraptor's attacks.
  • Shifter Major wolverine form now correctly adds a 10 feet speed bonus.
  • Shifter's level in Wolverine shape wasn't counted correctly for the Rage Powers bonuses – fixed.
  • Tailwind of Scorched Earth spell dealt AOE damage and then healed instead of damaging – fixed.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Have you been using Ulbrig in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous? How’s your experience thus far?

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