Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Update 1.0.6d Fixes Freezing Issues on Mythic Level Up

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Steam

Developer Owlcat Games is on a roll here with the release of another update for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Update 1.06d contains lots of bug fixes, including the one for the freezing issues related to leveling your Mythic paths.

Speaking of Mythics, there are times where you cannot select the Demon Mythic, which usually happens after exiting combat. The devs have resolved this issue.

Now, some companions will leave your party temporarily. This is just part of the plot and they will rejoin you at some point. However, there was an issue where companions who had negative conditions before leaving your party may return dead. Yes, this is very alarming but no longer a problem as good folks at Owlcat Games have fixed it in the latest update.

Anyway, the developers have noted that while they’ve addressed most freezing issues when islands in Alushinyrra are snapped into place, the game may still freeze randomly, though it should happen far less frequently than before.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed: When selecting the unique dialogue option for the Secret mythic path in the final dialogue, cutscene could freeze
  • Aivu no longer forgets you when you switch to Legend mythic path after being Azata
  • Changed the balance in The Price of Loyalty quest
  • Fixed: Heart of Mystery portals were incorrectly open earlier than intended
  • Fixed: Optimized freezes when islands "snap into place" in Alushinyrra (small freezes still remain, but much less than before)
  • Fixed: Inquisitor's Divine Favor didn't work correctly
  • Fixed: When a unit teleported into a trap and died there, its turn would never end
  • Fixed: Game could freeze in Mythic level up
  • Breath of Life is correctly not affected by Spell Resistance now
  • Fixed: Prediction incorrectly indicated that a character on a stunned mount can attack enemy that's not close enough to attack without moving
  • Fixed: Charge and Overrun abilities were not checking if caster and his mount can actually move, leading to freezing turn in TBM
  • Golden toad now has a properly solid cost and weight
  • Seal of Madness no longer affects allies
  • Fixed: It was sometimes impossible to finish respec for level 9 mythic
  • Fixed: Animal companion portraits could disappear from the control panel when switching zones
  • Fixed: Bonuses to character stats sometimes weren't displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Unfair difficulty had unplanned additional improvements to enemy stats
  • Fixed the issue with the lagging mouse cursor
  • Fixed a number of errors that caused the game to crash

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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