Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Update 1.0.5g Fixes the 21 Daggers Quest

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Steam

Owlcat Games has launched Update 1.0.5g for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The latest update doesn’t add any big features but it does fix some very annoying bugs.

For instance, if you have come across an issue where the 21 Daggers Quest would fail as you get the final dagger, then you are not alone. Apparently, this problem is quite common for PC players, so the devs have addressed it immediately. Now, you can complete the quest as usual.

Another annoying issue is where your saves from Last Azlanti mode would just disappear for no apparent reason. This can be quite frustrating, so you need to update the game right away if you have experienced this before.

Other notable fixes include the cancelation of relic decrees, some projects not updating, and the issue where you cannot level up a horse after retraining.

Patch Notes

  • Now you can complete the quest about 21 daggers
  • You won’t skip Gray Garrison anymore right after entering by teleporting to the top floor
  • Now Gold Dragons can rest in Drezen
  • Your crusade stats won’t get stuck anymore
  • The Repurpose spell will stop destroying loot and breaking NPCs
  • Fixed: Dawn of Dragons quest wouldn't start
  • Fixed: It was possible to find too many pages for the Storyteller, and uncover his story too early
  • Fixed: The Dragon's Fate didn't fail when finishing chapter 3
  • Fixed: Casting Dimension Door in Alushinyrra sometimes could break the game
  • Added an autosave after the battle with Hepzamirah in chapter 4
  • Fixed: Sometimes characters could get stuck between the rotating puzzle's platforms in Alushinyrra's Middle City
  • Fixed an issue when some NPC, related to the crusade, remained in the Citadel
  • Fixed the issue with the Logistics after defending a besieged settlement
  • Fixed: Some traps and abilities didn't work correctly
  • Fixed: A Bloodrager mercenary could go missing after their first level up, along with your money
  • Fixed: Some spells couldn't be dispelled
  • Fixed: Using Repurpose on enemies that would later become neutral due to quest choices could break the game
  • Fixed: A spellbook button in level up and character creation UI wasn't working
  • Fixed: The deflection bonus from Smite Evil ability was hidden in the UI
  • Fixed: While retraining a character, it was possible to open the inventory, after which mythic paths could stop working as intended
  • Fixed the behavior of Gluttonous Maw in battle
  • Minor improvements of Deskari cultists' behavior
  • Added an epilogue for Horgus
  • Fixed an error that led to a Unity VFX Graph crash on GPU Intel

If you want to read the full patch notes, you can head to the game’s official Steam page.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.5g is now available on PC.

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