Path of Exile: New Trailer Released for Upcoming Affliction Expansion

See what this new expansion has in store for you. Grinding Gear Games

Grinding Gear Games released a new trailer which gives us a look into the content of the upcoming expansion for Path of Exile titled Affliction. The expansion is launching on December 8 for the PC and Mac. Versions for the PlayStation and Xbox are coming out on December 13.

In Affliction, players are asked to help clean the Viridian Wildwood of its Affliction. In return, they are to earn valuable rewards and even learn the ancient ways of the Azmeri Wanderers. This new expansion arrives to the game with a lot of new content like new Wildwood Ascendancy Classes and more than 100 new Transfigured Gems, among others.

You can watch the trailer below:

Key features of the expansion are:

  • The Affliction Challenge League
    • Here players get to encounter Sacred Wisps that invite them to enter overgrown passageways leading to the Viridian Wildwood. A vile Affliction has covered this forest with a foreboding darkness. Players need to discover more about the mysteries of the forest and put an end to the source of the Affliction.
  • The Viridian Wildwood
    • As players approach the darkness, their Wisps burn away the affliction that shrouds the forest. Don't be too complacent though and be sure to tread carefully since the Wisps only have a limited amount of power before they run out and players are returned to Wraeclast.
  • Control your Challenge and Reward
    • As players return from the Wildwood, any Wisps they've saved from the Affliction disperse into the environment and inhabit randomly chosen monsters. This increases their power while also increasing the rewards. The different types of Wisps have different effects and sometimes more than one type can inhabit a single monster which makes the fight even harder though it's also more rewarding.
  • Wildwood Ascendancy Classes
    • While exploring the Wildwood, players can choose which of the Azmeri Wanderers that they complete quests for to unlock one of three new Ascendancy classes where they can have in addition to the regular Ascendancy class.
  • Valuable New Rewards
    • The Affliction Challenge League has many different types of rewards. Monsters players fight across Wraeclast can be affected by the Wisps they have brought back from the Viridian Wildwood which can increase the quality and quantity of items they drop. Keep a close watch on more than 15 new unique items which have been added.
  • The Return of Ultimatum
    • Ultimatum is finally going core with the Trialmaster returning and offering players a choice to undertake a deadly Vaal trial in exchange for great rewards.
    • For those who manage to defeat the trial, they've be offered to go double or nothing.
    • A full rebalance has been done for Ultimatum with a lot of new modifiers, Atlas passive skills, Keystones and rewards, added.

Get to learn more about the upcoming Affliction expansion for Path of Exile here.

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