Part 1 of Genesis Expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved Now on Nintendo Switch

Good news for Switch players. Studio Wildcard

The next chapter for ARK: Survival Evolved is finally available on Nintendo Switch. While it is the first of two expansion packs, ARK: Genesis Part 1 expands the storyline with new mission-based and story-oriented gameplay. It brings survivors into worlds filled with exotic creatures, craftable items, and weapons that haven't been seen before.

In this expansion, survivors wake up and find themselves inside a virtual simulation accompanied by a rather familiar HLN-A companion. Together they need to overcome rigorous tests conducted by the simulation and to discover the secrets hidden by fighting, building, taming, and exploring.

New Missions

New story-oriented missions this time are focused on Helena Walker. She's a biologist who's responsible for a lot of the lore-filled explorer notes in the game. Besides the notes, she also created HLN-A, a hovering AI companion. This AI is fully-voiced and acts as a guide in ARK: Genesis by giving survivors missions, tasks, and story.

That's not all as HLN-A also provides useful benefits like scanning the detailed statistics of creatures and even rapid level traversal. Those who complete missions can earn new map-wide bonuses and Hexagons. The latter is usable for obtaining extra resources like additional Engram Points, TEK items, and travel between environments.

Be sure to discover the hundreds of Explorer Notes and Environmental Cues across this new world and learn even more about the history of ARK.

New Worlds

The Genesis expansion offers beautiful biomes ripe for exploration. For the first part, the simulator tests the resolve of the survivors across different environments including:

  • Fetid alien bogs.
  • Deep undersea trenches.
  • Frigid mountain peaks.
  • Dangerous volcanic hellscapes.
  • Wild low-gravity surface of an alien moon.

To conquer each area, survivors need to prepare and must have the smarts and the ability to improvise when needed.

New Creatures

There's no denying that the environments are dangerous but they're actually nothing when compared to the new creatures in this expansion. Genesis Part 1 features:

  • Web-spinning spider-like beasts.
  • Cute but deadly shapeshifters.
  • Sea turtles the size of islands.
  • Lava lizards that act as living forges.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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