Pandemia: Virus Outbreak Makes A Return To The Google Play Store

Also available on Steam.
It's finally back. PocketsOfEnergy

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak announced that they are officially back on the Google Play Store. With this, the game is now available on both mobile and PC through Steam. The return to the Play Store follows a successful appeal.

The game was first released to the Play Store back in April of this year. However, just a week later the game received a ban in the store on allegations that there were references to COVID-19. The game also received a ban on the Amazon Store. Developer PocketsofEnergy managed to find a platform that would accept the game, and this was Steam. Pandemia was officially released through Steam earlier this month and currently is available at a 40% discount until the end of May.

In a post on its Facebook page, the developer said that they have “been stressed out by the whole situation and lost the momentum.” They went on to say that they continue to have “positive thoughts though these two months and now we can focus on adding more content and a new game where you have to survive for as long as possible as an ordinary person in the times of a pandemic.”

So what does the game offer? In Pandemia: Virus Outbreak, players experience the difficult decisions that world leaders make on a daily basis. In this instance it’s all about saving the world from the threat of a deadly virus. Something that is truly very relatable.

Here’s how this story-driven strategy game works in a nutshell:

  • Players swipe cards in order to face the threat of the virus.
    • Players make the same decisions as world leader in events like this.
  • Players swipe cards right or left in an effort to contain the outbreak.
    • The goal is to end the pandemic before it becomes too late for everyone.
  • Players have access to a strategic map that helps in their decision making when fighting the outbreak.
  • In order to make a balanced decision, players need to manage:
    • Finances
    • People’s mood
    • Virus research
  • Each decision has consequences.

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak is available on Google Play and Steam for $3.99.

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