Pac-Man Live Studio Coming To Twitch This June

Happy Birthday Pac-Man.
Happy Birthday Pac-Man. Amazon Games

Pac-Man is officially 40 years old today. In celebration of this milestone, Bandai Namco and Amazon Games announced that they’re adding a new game to the famous franchise. Pac-Man Live Studio is set to be released this June and is going to be playable for free on PC in a live Twitch channel. That means there is no need to download and those who want to play can immediately jump right to the action.

Before we go further into what this new game has to offer, let’s go back some years and learn more about the original version. The original Pac-Man game was first released in Japan and was titled Pakkuman. Its success in Japan meant that the game could be released to the international market. The title was then changed to Puck Man. However, there was the concern that vandals could change the “P” in the name to “F”. Eventually the final decision was to rename it to Pac-Man, which was considered as the closest to the original title.

So what does Pac-Man Live Studio have to offer? The first is that it’s going to offer Classic Mode. As the name implies, this mode is going to take players back to 1980 and let them experience the original game. New players will likely be excited to try out the Studio Mode. In this one, players can create their own mazes and then share them for everyone to try. The most popular mazes will then be visible on the global charts. This means everyone has the chance to be named as a top creator.

The third feature is the Endless Mode. Instead of one player with three lives, this mode allows a maximum of four people to play simultaneously. The catch is that player has only one life per level. There are two goals, sort of. The first is to work together and be able to get the highest combined global ranking. The second is to compete with each other and see who scored the most points for their team.

The fourth is Select Mode, where up to four players can team up cooperatively and try to get the highest score on any community-generated maze. Teams lucky enough can even get to play a maze created by their favorite streamer.

Pac-Man Live Studio will be live on Twitch this June, but no specific day was mentioned.

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