'Overwatch' Oasis Map Hits PTR: Cars, Jump Pads And Every Sign Translated

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overwatch oasis
Lucio glancing at the majesty of Overwatch's newest map, Oasis. Mic

On Tuesday night, Overwatch’s PTR got a mini update featuring the game’s newest map, Oasis. We got our first look at the technological marvel in the middle of a barren wasteland at Blizzcon and now players can finally get their grubby mitts all over the map. Here are the Oasis’ best features and the reasons the map is super fun to play on.


  • Control Points- There are three different sections of this map: University, City Center and Gardens. Like Lijang Tower and Nepal, you need to take at least three out of five matches in a competitive play game in order to win.

  • See The Sights- Oasis is a map that takes place in the middle of an Arabian desert that’s been brought to life through the wonders of technology. Reddit user supersonicfun123 has translated every sign and image located throughout the map. It’s a bustling metropolis filled with colleges, hotels and cars.

  • Cars- For the first time on an Overwatch map, there’s something else moving besides the heroes. On the outskirts of the City Center, there is a section of road with constant traffic. Get hit by one of those cars and you die, it doesn't matter if you are in a Winston or Zenyatta ultimate.

  • Jump Pads- In the middle of the University map, lies another new element to Overwatch, jump pads. This bright, orange glowing circle inside of a tower will project you into the air if you jump on top of it. Certain things like D.Va’s ultimate and Bastion’s turret will bounce, but items like Junkrat’s tire, won’t.

  • Play Some Games- The guys over at Overwatch Central, managed to come up with a pretty unique mini game you can pull off on this map. Take five Reinhardts and have them charge on the jump pad, then take three Anas and three Roadhogs and try to sleep dart or hook them out of the sky. It’s like Overwatch skeet shooting.

  • Don’t Expect This Map Soon- Like the Symmetra update on the PTR, it doesn’t look like Oasis is going to hit the live servers in time for season three.

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