'Overwatch' Mei Glitch: Will Ecopoint: Antarctica Map Bug Get You Banned?

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The cryogenic chambers that doomed Mei's coworkers, or they just fell off the map. Blizzard

Overwatch is a giant game filled with an almost infinite number of interactions and, as a result, is bound to contain a few bugs. Sneaky players try to find exploits, or tricky ways to break the game, to help them win matches or see how far they can push Blizzard’s insane shooter. The newest Overwatch glitch that’s breaking the internet involves Mei on Ecopoint: Antarctica.

The basics of this Mei glitch revolve around her Ice Wall. If you head into a specific corner of the map, crouch and then put an Ice Wall underneath you, the game will put you on top of the room in a place where you shouldn’t be able to go. You can jump into one of the labs which is supposed to be purely cosmetic, on top of the ceiling or even fall off the map into oblivion.

I’m not going to tell you where you need to be to do this because I like Overwatch and don’t want to see more of my favorite game broken. And it’s for your own safety. Blizzard loves to ban people who use exploits in Overwatch. Back in July, players found a way to crash the game using Genji. Anyone who used this exploit, even if they were just testing it out, were banned by Blizzard. Testing out this Mei bug is risky business, especially if you want to keep your Overwatch intact.

There also seems to be a way to do this with Sombra, using her teleporter. This glitch still hasn’t been patched yet, so players are still replicating in their own games. It can have some strategic influence, like using it to sneak behind players or hide in the rafters until the countdown clock runs out. If your opponent can’t interact with you, they can’t kill you.

It’s important for the community to talk about these bugs so Jeff Kaplan and his merry team of developers notice it, talk about it in the developer update and patch it as soon as possible. Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean you need to use it. Uncle Ben was right, with great Ice Walls come great responsibility.

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