Overwatch: Fans Want Developers to Implement Battle Pass Similar to Other Popular Shooters

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A new concept pitched by an Overwatch fan encourages devs to implement a battle pass system similar to games like Valorant and Apex Legends.

Overwatch has been around for more than five years now. But there is only so much content that Blizzard can introduce to keep fans interested.

Since most players are looking forward to Overwatch 2, a fan-made concept could possibly change the community’s reception of Overwatch as well as its sequel.

What is That Concept?

Mihai “mL7” Lupascu, a full-time content creator for Team Envy, went to Twitter to express his opinion about a particular gameplay concept.

In the tweet, Lupascu suggested that developers release a special skin for every hero which can be purchased by a new type of currency. They added that the currency can be earned by doing weekly challenges.

Lupascu further said that devs can introduce three unique challenges per week. Players who will complete all of them get enough currency to purchase one of the special skins on offer.

The content creator noted that the challenges should be done for each role in the game, which means that players must complete them as a tank, DPS, and support.

Lupascu’s idea is very much akin to battle passes. In Valorant, players can purchase the season battle pass using real money, and completing it would give them certain items, such as gun buddies, skins, and many others.

Since the game has been around for more than five years, there are some players who may have acquired everything that the game has to offer. Implementing a new system as Lupascu suggested could entice people to play more often.

True enough, mL7’s tweet has been upvoted more than 1,400 times at the time of writing, with many players in support of the idea.

Twitter user @UnderageJames replied: “more content in video game? yeah sure sounds cool.” Another user also replied by simply saying that the idea is brilliant.

While most people are quite receptive to the concept, some users are not too hopeful about it.

User @edvard_wahl said that the idea is good but that the devs will never do it, and another user also echoes the sentiment.

Although Lupascu’s idea is indeed doable, do you think that the devs will do a battle pass in the future?

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