'Overwatch' Chinese New Year Skins: Event Brings Year Of The Rooster Themes For Mei And D.Va

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D.Va in her Chinese New Year skin
D.Va in her Chinese New Year skin Blizzard

Winter Wonderland Sprays Teased Mei and D.Va Skins, Maybe Genji, Symmetra And More

Blizzard just announced a new Overwatch event for the Chinese New Year, the team over at Blizzard is just spoiling their fans with skins. “The Year Of The Rooster” event starts next week, on Jan. 24, the exact start time is still unknown. Players have been speculating if there was going to be another event in early 2017, ever since Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch game director, teased that a new Mei legendary skin was in the works.

That Mei skin can be seen in the announcement tweet, which makes her look like Firecracker Jinx from League of Legends mixed with your mom. Mei is holding red envelopes, which might be the new Loot Boxes for the event. We also got a look at D.Va’s new skin, courtesy of the Korean Overwatch Twitter account. It is the most beautiful skin I have ever seen, I squawked like a rooster after I saw the gorgeous porcelain finish.

I’m not a cultural expert, but D.Va looks like she’s wearing a kimono hanbok, which is a big departure from her skintight suit on other skins. I already have all of D.Va’s legendary skins, there’s no way I’m missing out on these. I hope her ultimate looks like fireworks.

Correction: an earlier version of this article misidentified D Va.'s garment as a kimono when it is, in fact, a hanbok, a traditional Korean garment. iDigitalTimes sincerely regrets the error.

Stay tuned to iDigitalTimes for Overwatch guides and future updates about the Year Of The Rooster event.

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