'Overwatch' Bastion Buffs Have Fans Worried, Is He Too OP?

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Bastion was my first favorite hero, but I grew out of it. Blizzard

Bastion, Overwatch’s robotic turret of destruction, has a pretty substantial rework on the PTR. Fans who have been tinkering around with the beeping omnic worry that he might be a bit too powerful and they aren’t wrong. Bastion has always been a difficult hero to balance – he needs to trade mobility for sheer power – in a game that’s so reliant on dodging abilities and crowd control. Bastion can dominate newbies to the game, but a good player knows how to take him out.

But once this rework hits live, Bastion is going to be a problem for everyone. It’s new passive, Ironclad, gives him 35 percent damage reduction on his Sentry and Tank Forms. That means, he’s a hell of a lot tankier than it used to be. Reddit user swb16 on the CompetitiveOverwatch subreddit did the math to figure out how much harder it is to kill Bastion with his new passive.

  • Pharah needs to land 4 direct hits, up from 3, on PTR Bastion.

  • Widowmaker needs to land 4 fully charged body shots or a crit and 2 body shots.

  • Pulse Bomb and Scatter Shot, abilities that can one shot Zarya, won’t kill the new Bastion.

  • Bastion survives a full clip of critical hits from Tracer’s Pulse Pistol.

  • Bastion dies after 7 full damage shots from McCree's Peacekeeper

And that’s not even taking into account Bastion’s new healing mechanic, which allows him to self-heal while shooting or moving. Ganymede’s perch has a set amount of healing charges, which come back over time. Put a Mercy or Ana heal on your Bastion and it’s near impossible for them to die.

Blizzard did lower the damage on Bastion’s Turret mode significantly by increasing the spread of it’s bullets, but is that enough? Bastion players are going to have to stand closer to the enemy to unleash the full force of their damage, so a Lucio won’t die in a half a second after entering the omnic’s line of sight.

Bastion still has the same weaknesses its always had: Genji can deflect, D.Va and Reinhardt can charge in or to just catch it off guard with unexpected crowd control. A smart player will still be able to deal with an immobile turret, regardless of how OP it is.

Still, that doesn’t mean the new Bastion rework should be implemented. Every team will be forced to have a Bastion if it wants to win, which is just boring. We’ve already seen what an overpowered champion does to the meta (cough Widowmaker at launch cough) and that just isn’t fun.

Am I just being over dramatic, or is Bastion going to dominate Overwatch ? Tell us in the comments.

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