Overcooked Publisher Team17 Will Announce Two New Games Next Week

Worms? The Escapists? Another Overcooked?
Team17 teases two new titles with a tweet, with a lucky winner getting both if they guess it right,
Team17 teases two new titles with a tweet, with a lucky winner getting both if they guess it right, Team17

As E3 announcements become a common reoccurrence as the event draws nearer, we now have big news coming from Team17 in the form of two major brand-new titles from the industry veterans.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a vague E3 announcement without a healthy dose of speculation, although this time the publisher is more than willing to join in. Team17’s announcement on Twitter came not only with the news of the two brand-new titles, but also with a short video teaser, where the publisher encourages players to figure out the new games. Those who are keen enough to figure it out will get to win those two upcoming titles for free once they release. Check out the tweet with the teaser below and see if you can figure it out.

With my limited knowledge of the Team17 library of IPs, I have trouble deciphering what that small teaser could be. Of course, for more avid fans of the publisher, this may be more up to their speed, so if you possibly know what this is, go take a shot at the Team17 official Twitter now.

Team17 is probably best known for their Worms series, although they have since become more of a household name due to the success of Overcooked!. The Wakefield-based developer boasts almost three decades in the industry now, and have weathered through various roadblocks with its Worms franchise.

Although I struggle to think of what these new games could be, if I had to take a shot, I’d guess it’s an entirely new IP, which would be interesting to see. However, it’s also been a while since we saw a mainline Worms title, with the most recent entry in the series being 2016’s Worms W.M.D. That said, Team17 also recently saw success with its title The Escapists, a fun little prison-breaking title which is absolutely amazing to play.

Whatever the new titles may be, I am very excited to see their newest venture, which is the realistic World War II shooter, Hell Let Loose. The title is hitting Early Access on Steam this June 7, so take a look if this interests you as well.

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