Outward's First DLC, The Soroboreans, Launching On June 16 For PC And July 7 For Consoles

Featuring new dungeons, enemies, skills, enchantments and weapon types.
Publisher Deep Silver has announced The Soroboreans, Outwards' first DLC.
Publisher Deep Silver has announced The Soroboreans, Outwards' first DLC. Deep Silver

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots Studio have just announced that their fantasy role-playing title Outward will soon be receiving its first DLC. Titled The Soroboreans, the DLC is set to release on June 16 for the PC and July 7 for consoles.

Details for the upcoming The Soroboreans DLC have been posted on the game’s website, and they provide an idea for what players should expect. The first feature, also a major gameplay mechanic that will be added, is called “Corruption.” Corruption is a debuff that affects players in different ways and can be removed through multiple ways. Next is the new enchanting system that can change weapons, trinkets, armor, and more. New skill trees and status effects have also been added, specifically The Hex Mage and The Speedster. A new weapon type has also been included, called The Gauntlets. Lastly, more dungeons have been added, with more loot and treasure to uncover.

For those who haven’t played it yet, Outward is an open-world role-playing game released in March of 2019. Its usual role-playing game mechanics such as character customization and skill trees are mixed with survival elements such as a needs system, with sleep being one of the most important. Set in the vast world of Aurai, players start off as an ordinary adventurer that will struggle to survive against the world’s harsh elements, infectious diseases, dangerous animals, and their own needs such as food and water. If successful, players will have the chance to build their characters to become more powerful with weapons or magic. Players can either go through the struggle alone, or share with a friend either through local split-screen or online play. Since its release, Outward has received positive acclaim, especially for its ambition regarding its worldbuilding and mechanics. However, critics have also noted that its mechanics can come off as too tedious or too much of a time drain, and may scare beginner players from ever touching it.

Outward’s The Soroboreans DLC will be coming soon to PC on June 16 via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Consoles will get the update on July 7. The DLC will retail for $19.99.

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