Outriders Worldslayer July 28 Update Brings QoL Changes, Endgame Tweaks, and More

Outriders Square Enix

Outriders Worldslayer received a major update recently. The patch brought several QoL and endgame changes, balancing tweaks, and bug fixes. Here, we will only cover the three QoL changes. You can read our next article to know about all the balancing changes that the patch made.

Item Locking Functionality has been added to the game and Quick Mark Functionality is improved. Quick Mark will now include Legendary, Apocalypse Epic, and Apocalypse Legendary rarities. The behavior of the camera while sprinting is now better. You can read the rest of the changes below.

  • Changed the behavior of the camera when sprinting to make the sprint behavior between "Toggle" and "Hold to Sprint" consistent. The camera will no longer turn when players are sprinting.
  • Apocalypse Tier Leveling
    • Starting from Apocalypse Tier 20, the requirement to level up each Apocalypse Tier has been reduced by 10%.
  • Resources & Anomaly Extract
    • The amount of Anomaly Extract gained has generally been improved and the amount of Anomaly Extract gained in Tarya Gratar's Troves has been increased by 500%.
    • A full run-through of Tarya Gratar (including Troves) should now net out at around double the amount of Anomaly Extract earned per run when compared to before this patch.
    • Boss-rushing the final Arbiter will net slightly more Anomaly Extract than before, but this will not be the most efficient route for Anomaly Extract farming.
  • Crafting and Upgrading
    • Starting at Item Level 50, the Anomaly Extract costs required to upgrade gear has been reduced by 5%.
    • Between the two above changes (Increased Gains and reduced Costs), players should be able to support upgrading two full sets of gear per Apocalypse Tier level. This should enable a greater amount of experimentations and limit the need to hoard resources in order to be able to upgrade the currently equipped set.
  • Apocalypse Gear Drop Rates
    • Starting at Apocalypse Tier 11, the "Increased chance for Apocalypse variant gear" has been increased for each Apocalypse Tier.
  • Expedition Rewards have been increased in order to make Expeditions feel more viable alongside Tarya Gratar. The "Loot Gained per X Time Investment" should now feel quite similar between Expeditions and Tarya Gratar.
  • Players should now receive a greater amount of Epic and Legendary Items and comparatively fewer Rare items in Expeditions.
  • Anomaly Extract farming should now also feel much more viable to do in Expeditions.

The complete patch notes are available on Steam.

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