Outriders Demo Downloaded by Two Million Players; Patch Coming Next Week

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Outriders, the co-op game by the development studio, People Can Fly, is less than a month away. The main development of the game is complete but there is still some tweaking to do. The developer released a demo one week ago so underlying bugs could be found and be fixed before the official launch.

The developer has revealed on Reddit that the demo was downloaded by two million players, which is a huge source of feedback potential. A new patch is also in the works and will release sometime early next week.

Backend changes to the demo will be made as well. This will bring tweaks to loot drop, captains, and Gauss. The developer revealed that they are keeping an eye on a few more things like the camera shake, matchmaking, cover system, and cheating, among others. While all these issues will not be addressed in the coming patch, the developer just wants you to know that they are aware of them.

Here's the changelog of the coming update for the demo:

Resolutions for ALL PLATFORMS

  • Added a Motion Blur Toggle.
  • Made minor tweaks to frame rate output for certain items in cutscenes, however, we are working on a more comprehensive fix for the future.
  • Made improvements to cut down on the time it takes to Matchmake.
  • Made other minor improvements and fixes.

Additional Resolutions for PC

  • Fixed a crash that repeatedly occurred when opening the menu or inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that deletes player gear if their connection drops out during a transition.
  • Improved subtitle display and synchronization during the “Bad Day” quest.

Additional Resolutions for Xbox

  • Fixed menu prompts not displaying correctly in supported non-English languages.

Additional Resolutions for PlayStation

  • Fixed store links on the “Buy Now” button in the Lobby [PS4/5].
    • Note that while the in-game button will be fixed with the patch, you can still search the PlayStation store for "Outriders" should you wish to already pre-order it.
  • Fixed bug that was causing an audio desynchronization in cutscenes [PS4/5].

You can read the complete post over here.

Outriders will launch in April 1 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. You can check out the PC system requirements of the game over here. The PC version of the game will have access to extra features.

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