Our Battle Has Just Begun! Episode 1 Offers a Different Kind of Adventure

Our Battle Has Just Begun! Episode 1
Our Battle Has Just Begun! Episode 1 Nintendo

A lot of video games, especially those that offer campaigns, typically end on a high and happy note. There are times when players imagine and think about what happens after the story is done. This seems to be the goal for the newly released Our Battle Has Just Begun! episode 1.

This novel game sees the main character brought to another world to become the hero. The thing is, players won’t need to go through all that. That’s because the game starts when the main character has become a hero after defeating the king of demons. However, the hero doesn’t actually remember doing it. As the hero travels on his way home, he is greeted by everyone from villagers to lords.

Multiple Endings

For fans of visual novels, it’s going to be easy to jump into the game since the progress makes use of a familiar formula. However, the story can change depending on what choices the player makes. That means multiple endings for everyone to discover. As a clue, one of those endings has the hero not going home and instead, settles down and stays with one of the heroines.

The Sherla Orb

The game has something called the Sherla Orb, which has a mysterious power that can grant the deepest wishes of the hero. Should there be a need, players can use it to get out of even the most difficult situation. Of course, there’s a catch. When overused, the orb breaks and with it, the world crumbles. So be sure to use it wisely.

Meet the Heroines

Here are the other characters of the game:

  • Lutie the Healer
    • This level headed but not straight-laced girl has a big heart.
    • She hails from the same land as the hero and was chosen due to her strong abilities.
    • In the countries the party visits, she is usually the point of contact for royal families.
  • ​Hilda the Tank
    • A serious woman who holds herself up to high standards.
    • Considered as the big sister of the party, she is usually calm but can pack a powerful punch when angry.
  • Carol the Songstress
    • Her beautiful singing and dancing have made her get that special niche in the hearts of the people.
    • She helps the vigilante groups of the city and helps protect the people.
    • She is a dependable figure, especially with her sharp insight and judgment.
  • Ibis the Maid
    • Her cheerful façade hides a rather formidable opponent.

Our Battle Has Just Begun! episode 1 is available on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

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