Orangepixel Is Launching Meganoid On Nintendo Switch Next Month

The first of many games to arrive to this new platform.
The first of many games to arrive to this new platform. Orangepixel

Developer Orangepixel revealed that it’s preparing to launch a dozen games for the Nintendo Switch. The first of this is Meganoid, which is to be released on September 8.

Who’s Orangepixel you ask? Well, this is a one-man game development company that has been releasing games since 2004. While the games cover a wide range of genres, they are always depicted with high quality pixel-art. What makes these games even more interesting is that they all belong to a single Orangepixel Game universe and are tied together into one single story line. If you’re interested, you can take a look at the timeline here.

Orangepixel's games have been released on different platforms from the PC, to mobile, and even consoles like PS Vita and 3DS. The Nintendo Switch is going to be the latest platform to support the games.

Meganoid is a platformer that’s similar to Spelunky. If that’s diffuclt to wrap your head around, think platforming action, combine it with a roguelite gameplay, and then put it in a sci-fi setting.

The game offers a lot of features, like how the levels are randomly generated for each game session. Since the levels are based on a set of templates, it allows players to have a unique experience while having a sense of familiarity at the same time. There are also roguelike elements and alternate routes, which adds depth to gameplay that’s already challenging.

Meganoid also has RPG elements such as collectible items that can change how players are able to navigate the world. A jetpack, for example, helps players fly around. Meanwhile, having anti-gravity boots allows players to perform double jumps. There are also alternate paths that players can take that can lead to hidden bonus areas. These alternate paths give players that needed short-cut or gives them access to powerful and rare items that can give their characters a much needed boost.

That’s not all as this one also offers a hackable game world. For example, there are green key-cards which let players change how certain elements of the game respond to the characters. For instance, players can stop rocket launchers from working or make sure that when robots are destroyed they drop extra lives.

Meganoid will be available for the Switch at $8.99.

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