OG 'Not Affected' By Esports Cliches, Says TI9 Champs' Psychologist

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Mia Stellberg is OG's psychologist and is known for preparing athletes for Olympics.
Mia Stellberg is OG's psychologist and is known for preparing athletes for Olympics. Red Bull

August 25 was a historic day for the entire Dota 2 community. Not only did OG win the prestigious The International tournament, but they also became the first team to ever win back-to-back TI championships. They did this in a very spectacular and dominating fashion, outplaying Team Liquid in every way possible.

Apparently, OG’s secret to winning The International 2019 was not just friendship and skills. There is actually a person responsible for helping them achieve incredible results. For a lot of Dota 2 fans out there, she could have easily gone unnoticed. But if you strictly follow esports through a variety of disciplines, then you know exactly why Mia Stellberg is a vital piece in OG’s esports structure.

Mia, in the world of sports, is known for preparing athletes for the Olympics. Interestingly, she has an impregnable passion for esports. In fact, she has been credited for having an important role in ENCE’s success in CS:GO.

If you have been following The International for quite some time now, then you are familiar with the term “curse.” You see, no player – let alone a team – had won TI twice. It had become a mutual understanding among fans and pro players that this narrative would be a stronghold in this event.

In an interview with VPEsports, Mia was asked about her opinion about the curse and what OG felt towards it. “No, it’s not a problem,” she said in the interview.

According to Mia, it is easy for some people to think about what he/she could do and could not do. At the end of the day, it is all about deciding whether or not to listen to these people. Apparently, for OG, listening to opinions about them and what people think about their chances of winning TI twice is not really an option.

“They are independent, smart people and they are not affected by the cliches of esports,” Mia exclaimed.

Perhaps the mentality that OG has for the game is what made them successful thus far. Sure, one could argue that the team does not have the best players if you look at them individually. Topson, for instance, has had his fair share of lapses throughout every match. But from a team perspective, OG is clearly the best Dota 2 pro team right now – and their back-to-back championships can attest to that.

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