Obsidian Prince: Chapter 2 Finally Here with 4 New Classes and More

Obsidian Prince Chapter 2
Obsidian Prince Chapter 2 Steam

Obsidian Prince is a game developed by Unleash the Giraffe studio. It is a 2D roguelike tactical, turn-based RPG that lets you recruit diverse heroes and lead them to glory. You can explore dungeons and acquire quests to progress through the story.

That said, Chapter 2 is finally here with new classes, weapons, skill trees, and a plethora of other features. Read further to find out what’s in store for you.

New Classes

There are four new classes introduced in Chapter 2. The first is the Grave Jester who has the ability to summon ghosts and zombies at your disposal. The next is the Mold Druid who has the knack for spreading mold and fungi to disturb enemies. He can be acquired just by playing through the campaign.

The last two are prestige classes for the Warrior and Ranger. For those who do not know, prestige classes have the same base abilities as their regular counterparts, but they may change skills at some point and they have different origin stories.

Anyway, the Warrior prestige class is the Viking. He can charge diagonally, which can help in certain situations, and he can generate glod as well.

The Ranger prestige class is new in Chapter 2 is called Bees Master. This minion master can clad people in bees, so use this ability to help you win.

New Things in Chapter 2

  • Storm Hammer
  • Dog
  • Shovel
  • Mirror
  • Water
  • Fortification
  • Skill tree adjustments and improvements
  • New tileset: The Underworld
  • New room types: Treasure room, Resource room, Trap rooms, Event rooms
  • Improved Health bars (now easier to read)
  • Two new bosses
  • Two new Elites
    • Stormy
    • Cultist Leader
  • New Enemies
    • Sewers: Rat in a Box
    • Forest: Troll
    • Purple Crypt: Warlock
  • Optimized Tactical mode
  • Improved animations and sounds
  • New Multiple quest lines to explore in the campaign
  • New hero selector in roguelike mode
  • More food
  • Improved wounds
  • Campaign Training Rework
  • Updated Tutorial

Those who want an even more challenging time should try out the new Colosseum. There will be a lot of new challenges to beat, so do visit the place from time to time.

It is also worth noting that the developers have included some quality of life changes and tons of bug fixes to keep the game more stable and accessible for most people.

Obsidian Prince: Chapter 2 is now available on PC.

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