NYCC 2016 'Steven Universe' Fan Panel: The Neat, The Good, The Great, And The Unfortunate

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At Friday’s Steven Universe NYCC 2016 fan panel, fans got the opportunity to ask Rebecca Sugar and a huge panel of Steven Universe’s voice actors questions about their characters and the show. Check out some of the trivia we learned as well as some of the sneak previews and musical treats fans got to enjoy below.


  • Rebecca Sugar refusing to allow someone to call themselves boring: “We are more different than we thought we could talk about.”

  • Sugar’s Gem weapon: something defensive… perhaps the power of music?

  • Sugar’s favorite song she has written: “Everything Stays,” for Adventure Time

  • Sugar, when asked if the Looney Tunes references in Kindergarten Kid were intentional: “I’m trying to imagine how that could be an accident. Whoops! A cartoon happened!”

  • Amethyst’s Kindergarten backstory was a collaborative effort.

  • The details of Garnet’s strength as a relationship are informed by Sugar’s experience dating Ian Jones-Quartey, especially “constant communication.”

  • The corrupted Gems Jasper met in the snow were specific types of Jasper because if Jasper was going to orchestrate a fusion in the first place, she sees another Jasper as more correct and acceptable. Other corrupted Gem monsters are not necessarily based upon specific types of gems.

  • Sugar chose the ukulele as an instrument because a) she has family in Hawaii and b) her first instrument was the hammer dulcimer, which is not portable, not common, and difficult to play. She didn’t imagine the ukelele would be a part of her work.

  • Smokey’s design always had three arms.

  • Yes, Sugar has an ending in mind, and no, she can’t say anything more about it.

  • Sugar would like to have Emily King on the show as a musical guest.


  • Rebecca Sugar playing “Here Comes a Thought” on the ukulele!

  • Someone in the audience trying and failing to clap on beat. Shout out to you, brave soul.

  • Jennifer Paz (Lapis) and Shelby Rabara (Peridot) discussing how the two have become unlikely, but supportive and understanding friends.


  • “Gem Harvest” sneak peek:

  • An upcoming episode will be called “Three Gems and a Baby.” Hoooooooooly shit.

  • Lines from a new song, “I Could Never Be Ready”


  • AJ Michalka trying to talk about how much she loves and admires Stevonnie, but the words “powerful she-man” leaving her mouth. Ever felt an entire ballroom cringe in unison?

Got any other tidbits from the Steven Universe fan panel you’d like to share? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below.

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