Noah Cyrus Releases Music Video For July Using PS4 Game Dreams

An interesting collaboration.
An interesting collaboration. PlayStation

Artist Noah Cyrus released a new video for her song July that is sure to delight both her fans and gamers in general. The new video was created using the PlayStation exclusive video game Dreams. This was made possible through a collaboration between Cyrus, developer Media Molecule, and a PS4.

You can watch the video below:

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? This video is the third to be released under the Sony Collaboration Series. The choice to use Dreams to make the video is actually impressive.

If you’re not familiar, Dreams is a game creation system released in February of this year. In the game, players control an “imp” which serves as an interface, similar to a mouse cursor. Players can use the imp to interact with the game world. Players can then manipulate objects and even create new items and characters.

In a behind the scenes video posted on YouTube, Cyrus revealed that there were big plans like flying to London and doing video shoots. However, all of that came to a halt with the coronavirus pandemic. This later gave rise to the idea of doing the whole video in Dreams, considering that according to animator Pablo Lopez Soriano over at Media Molecule, “the beauty of the collaborative nature of Dreams is that no pandemic can get in the way of our collaboration.”

As the results show, it is truly one of a kind. In a post, Media Molecule Co-Founder and Art Director Kareem Ettouney shared that they have long been trying “to find the right opportunity to collaborate on making a music video in Dreams, showcasing the potential of the project for this wonderful art form.”

In order to get started, the team understood that the song was all about exploring internal conflict. Thus, according to Ettouney, it was “decided to take the audience on a visual journey that mimics the experience we had with the music.” Along with input from Cyrus herself, the team was able to finalize the concept. You can read more about that process here.

July is the lead single off the upcoming second EP from Noah Cyrus titled The End of Everything.

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