No Plan B: Beta Update 5.0.5 Adds Weapon Point Rewards to Random and Community Missions

No Plan B
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No Plan B is a tactical game where you assemble and control a squad to deal with the terrorist threat. What’s unique about this game is that it uses an innovative timeline system where you can plan things first before executing the attack. The success of the operation depends on your squad’s arsenal and the strategies that you employ.

Recently, the developers deployed a new patch in the game’s test branch. Beta Update 5.0.5 added some pretty noteworthy stuff. For instance, completing random and community missions will now reward you with weapon points. These points are a form of currency that allows you to buy new weapons for your squad. Furthermore, weapon point rewards for skirmish and challenge missions have been increased.

Additionally, the developers added new sniping spots in front of transparent entry doors. This is pretty significant because your snipers now have more avenues to neutralize the threat successfully.

Here are the other changes in No Plan B’s Beta Update 5.0.5:

  • Added rooftops to some building templates
  • Added tutorial and campaign disclaimers
  • Dragging a character through a door will kick it
  • Changed the color of the shield protection angle FoV (Field of View)
  • Changed the order of the cancel/confirm buttons in the customization screen
  • Improved the auto story switch when dragging a character
  • Improved the bullet case model
  • Improved the golden weapons material
  • Improved the tutorial missions (focus on shift+click move)
  • Made the helicopter blades rotate
  • Reduced the field of view angle when sniping (60°> 30°)
  • Spaced the sniping spots
  • Spaced the spawn points from the entry doors
  • Fixed doors being clickable through floors
  • Fixed agents shooting after game over
  • Fixed grenades dragging zone
  • Fixed monitors blocking vision
  • Fixed the depth of field effect and camera controls bugging when moving too far from the play area
  • Fixed the flickering buttons in the character/door/grenade menus
  • Fixed the game getting stuck in the loading screen after changing a character's skin
  • Fixed the grenade explosion area visual bugging when the grenade explodes near the tosser
  • Fixed the help panel fullscreen layout
  • Fixed the main menu mission names not updating after changing the language
  • Fixed the planning version of some map assets
  • Fixed the planning ground opacity when viewed from below

No Plan B Beta Update 5.0.5 is available on PC.

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