No Man's Sky: Prisms Update Makes the Game Look So Much Better

No Man's Sky Prisms Update
No Man's Sky Prisms Update Hello Games

Hello Games has just released a major content patch for No Man’s Sky on all supported platforms. Version 3.5 or “Prisms Update” provides a visual overhaul of the game. It now looks so much better, particularly for PC players who use Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards.

When the game was launched, it received mixed reviews. On one hand, some people are okay with the space exploration theme the developers are going for. However, others were disappointed since the company hyped up the game so much yet it under-delivered.

Fortunately, folks at Hello Games did not fret and have continually supported the game with new and amazing content.

The Prisms Update is arguably one of the best thus far. After updating the game, you will notice that things look more graphically appealing. From the planets, the weather, and the creatures that you come across, you can see that the finer details are now more prominent.

For those who want to use Photo Mode, you will be happy to know that the new update has improved both the bloom and field controls substantially.

Here are some of the highlights of Version 3.5:

Screen Space Reflections
  • Screen Space Reflections (SSR) are enabled by default for next-gen consoles, Xbox One X, and PC
  • SSR improves lighting quality and creates top-notched reflective materials.
Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)
  • DLSS 2.0 is an Nvidia-exclusive technology that uses supersampling and anti-aliasing techniques to improve image quality without a huge performance penalty.
  • This feature can now be enabled on compatible Nvidia graphics cards. Please download the latest Nvidia driver for maximum compatibility.
  • Exocraft and Starship cockpits now refract light.
  • Refractive materials have been added to planetary effects.
  • Refractive materials have also been added to liquid or glass decorative items.
  • Added volumetric lighting to Sentinel drones, starship, exocraft headlights, quads, walkers, and more.
  • Volumetric lighting can be enabled in VR mode.
  • The existing volumetric lighting system has been significantly optimized.
Photo Mode
  • The quality of the depth-of-field has been significantly improved.
  • Bloom control has been added to existing Photo Mode options.
  • All of the buttons that adjust Photo Mode settings are now made instant-click.
  • The depth-of-field effect has been rewritten.
Visual and Audio Quality
  • Foliage props have been reworked to improve detail.
  • Caves have been overhauled and are now more detailed.
  • Particle effects have been significantly improved.
  • Fixed several issues that caused the torch to be too bright in the player’s current location.
Creatures and Companions
  • Fur rendering technology has been added on all supported platforms, except for PSVR and Xbox One S.
  • All land-based and low-flying creatures can now be tamed and adopted as companions.
  • Fixed some marking and coloration issues with specific creatures.
UI and Quality of Life
  • A new component recipe research station has been added to the Space Anomaly.
  • Planetary Charts that fail to locate a building will no longer be consumed.
  • The Appearance Modifier’s UI has been overhauled to make customization even better.

No Man’s Sky Prisms Update is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One X/S consoles. What do you like the most about the patch?

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